Alternative dispute resolution is always top-of-mind. My experience in the past decade with university governance, legal research, labour and employment law, and legislative procedure gives me a range of tools that I may deploy to your advantage.

I bring experience with both sides of employment and labour relations as a union president and an employer-side researcher to arbitration. I apply this firsthand knowledge to adjudicate disputes in a timely and thoroughly researched fashion.

My approach is client-focused and is in line with my forthcoming doctoral work on freedom of conscience and judges’ and arbitrators’ roles in shaping context-specific solutions to disputes.

I am also well-read in burgeoning contract, labour, and employment issues associated with Industry 4.0 through academic and journalistic research. Manufacturing and skilled labour will be increasingly displaced by automata. 3D printing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence will radically change working life. I am equipped to tackle these issues alongside more traditional arbitral concerns.

My publications and experience with university administration also make me an ideal arbitrator for academic disputes.



rates on a Sliding scale

All services may be delivered in either official language.

Arbitral decisions are delivered in both official languages upon request.

Membership badge for the ADR institutes of Canada and Ontario, which provide mediation and arbitration training to members.


Where possible, I will rule on matters at the hearing, with reasons to follow. More complex matters will be reserved for decision.

Interest arbitration

Break deadlocks in collective bargaining through interest arbitration; parties may also request assistance drafting articles in the collective agreement.

The arbitrator’s conscience and revivified legal pluralism
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