adam strömbergsson-denora

adam strömbergsson-denora

Researcher, writer, and editor; law student and master of arts: bringing a humanist set of skills to bear on your business and professional needs.



Conducting careful, evidence-based research across private, public, and not-for-profit sectors.



Creating short and long business, journalist, and academic texts to suit client needs.



Performing copy-editorial reviews, coaching writers – always providing positive criticism.

Service standard
  • Efficient execution, from intake to delivery
  • Meticulous attention to detail
  • Rapid response
Academic writing tips

I have a special focus on academic writing, with a view to disseminating the knowledge that you work so hard to produce. Graduate students can take advantage of helpful tools even before they start writing.

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  • A couple thoughts for your edification, thoughts only unified by a wretched malaise about the lack of detail and creativity that too often creeps into public discourse. The first presents a method to prosecute Canadian police for abuses of power. The second reminds us that Canada’s constitution doesn’t make either level of government completely responsible […]
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  • The Nova Scotia House of Assembly has ground to a standstill for the nine months that COVID-19 has raged throughout the world. I contend that this legislative inaction can either be attributed to the hyper-politicization of parliamentary procedure or to uninformed members stumbling through the motions.
  • Don your futurist caps and peer into a political reality in which technology accelerates the speed at which society changes. The political, deliberative realm that we sometimes trust to chart our societies’ course either fades as deliberative government becomes too lugubrious for rapid development, or the speed of deliberative government accelerates to a point where […]
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