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A.P.Strom and Associates is passionate about bureaucracies because they are the ultimate puzzle. Difficult cases and tough problems get sorted with minimum fuss.

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About A.P.Strom and Associates

We litigate

A.P.Strom and Associates specializes in organizing litigation by serving as litigation solicitors for businesses and individuals. The firm focuses on complex civil litigation that includes real estate, torts, frauds, constitutional issues, and administrative law cases.

Why Choose Us?

Litigation is a marathon, and we exist to guide patrons through the process.

A.P.Strom and Associates uses an approach to litigation that has stood the test of time. We divide a litigation file between preparation and argument. We work with patrons to advise them of their legal rights and obligations. We prepare litigation matters for court. We hire and instruct the best oral advocates to present issues to the courts. In so doing, we focus on the patron's priorities. We keep communication between lawyers and patrons open and honest, and we respond to patron inquiries in a timely and personal fashion.

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