a.p.strom supports law practices’ and businesses’ research and writing needs across legal, regulatory, policy, and technical fields.

Supporting law practices’ and businesses’ research and writing needs across legal, regulatory, policy, and technical fields.

Bringing a humanist set of skills to your research and writing needs.

a.p.strom oversees on-demand research and writing projects for lawyers and businesses. Our goal is twofold. We provide outstanding service to clients from legal, regulatory, policy, and technical sectors. We also aim to bring researchers from all stages of their careers together.

These goals mean that our patrons benefit from a diversity of views, which can only make their products more resilient. That diversity also means that patrons get ‘big firm’ support without having to create an in-house research department. (Hence our flagship subscription product, the Virtual Research Department.)

Whether looking for one-off research or writing assistance or a more enduring relationship, a.p.strom is here to help your law practice or business.

Service standard
  • Efficient execution, from intake to delivery
  • Meticulous attention to detail
  • Rapid response
Academic writing tips

I have a special focus on academic writing, with a view to disseminating the knowledge that you work so hard to produce. Graduate students can take advantage of helpful tools even before they start writing.

Criminal contempt of court: Carpagate?
This note gives practitioners (and interested members of the public) a sense of the law surrounding criminal contempt of court. It describes some of the cases and then applies the cases to the facts described …
A sliding scale between creed and religion
This commentary proposes a sliding scale between religion as a word denoting spiritual belief and practise in community and creed, a word that captures a broader swath of collective and individual conduct.
Patron v. Client: the modern lawyer’s relationships
download pdf Lawyers often refer to those who pay for services as 'clients', yet in the same breath frame their efforts in their service recipient's interest. Use of the word 'client', though widespread in English, …

Research & non-fiction writing

Research and writing, with a focus on legal topics.

Conducting careful, evidence-based research across private, public, and not-for-profit sectors. Creating business, journalist, and academic texts.

Writing services

Whether as part of background preparation for an advertising or branding campaign or as part of these campaigns themselves, the story a business tells ultimately becomes one with the product.

Editing & coaching


Performing copy-editorial reviews, coaching writers – always providing positive criticism.