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Our mission is to supply a personal, responsive service that can go into significant depth on issues and legal questions.

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Patrons get 'big firm' support without having to assume additional overhead when they engage a.p.strom.

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a.p.strom is passionate about bureaucracies because they are the ultimate puzzle. Difficult cases and tough problems get sorted with a minimum fuss.

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About a.p.strom

Research is our bag

We conduct in-depth research and content creation as a knowledge management practise that spans legal and technical sectors. We work with businesses, lawyers, and individuals to provide affordable, professional research. Cost-effective, diffuse research capacity is crucial in our global knowledge economy, which is dominated by economies of scale. The products that we offer tie patrons' work and interests together to present an entire view of the business. This approach builds patrons' brands and better allows them to adapt information that they receive and generate to their businesses.

Why Choose Us?

We are expert researchers, storytellers, and legal analysts. After ten years of research experience with all manner of databases, in archives, and across the public sector, we can say one thing with confidence: you make better business decisions when armed with knowledge of context and a strong knowledge base. We help you brainstorm new ideas, build stories for your services or products, and learn the rules that define your business, and all of this is to order and on your budget.

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