Punchy commentary builds your brand

I write narratives into fact-based opinions. All information needs an edge for it to be properly absorbed by readers: I specialize in finding that unique quality in your story or product. The content you publish through me pulls people into your work, building connections in an ever-connected world.


Writing is my forte: experience in institutional, historical, and legal research make me quick to develop a command of existing knowledge and reduce it to concise, convincing documents.

Sliding scale: Prices are negotiable based on the project’s complexity.

Difficult to price without getting a sense of your project. Some guidelines are appropriate:

0 – 20,000 words: $0.05 / word.

20,001 – 75,000 words: $0.065 / word.

75,001 + words: $0.075 / word.

Combinations of research and writing are priced on a case-by-case basis.

Let’s write something great together!