Research and writing are my calling, and I want to use my passion to promote your story and your enterprise.

My education suits me to employment relations matters, to legal research, and to humanities writing. I hold a BA and MA in English Literature. I now study law and will begin a doctorate that focuses on defining Canada’s Charter guarantee of freedom of conscience. I will use this definition to explore the limits of judicial and arbitral conscience. My thesis will better define the limits of a decision-maker’s discretion to tailor decisions to the circumstances in each case.

I am published in law and literature and continue to expand my publications in seventeenth-century literary history, constitutional law, administrative law, and the fusion of public and private law.

The experience that I bring to my work equally informs my ability to serve you. I have chaired meetings, participated in corporate governance, and presided over a medium-sized labour union. I have ample experience in legislative affairs, including the legal intricacies of parliamentary privilege. My ability in this regard is complimented by two years of formal experience as a legal researcher; I have spent a decade conducting academic and policy research. I am familiar with Canadian labour and employment law.

My publications, moreover, focus on the history of universities and the law of visitation (an old form of arbitration that is still used in charities).

In short, I am a polymath. You define your problem; I work with you to find one or more solutions that account for a diversity of experience and learning. Your projects benefit from the variety of documented knowledge that I can bring to bear.

This knowledge and my skill as a writer allow me to quickly seize the narrative, to filter textual and oral evidence, and to produce measured decisions.

Corporate, charitable, and personal social engagement now requires good research, writing, and editing services. My services are, consequently, affordable, and prices are negotiated on a project-by-project basis. The resolution of disputes, moreover, requires accessible arbitration services. I aim to make these services sustainable for corporations, not-for-profits, and individuals so that they can join the conversations in their fields.

Whether as a writer, editor, or a neutral figure in your employment relations, I aim to highlight your interests while at the same time providing frank and positive criticism. I look forward to getting to know you and to learning about your story!

What I Do

Literary Criticism / Story review
Analysis of fictional works and worlds in the rough.

Legal Research
Just research: I do not provide legal advice.

Client-facing descriptions of emerging issues
Across legal and corporate fields.

Mediation and arbitration
See my webpage on this point.

In-depth analysis of emerging issues
Tailored for businesses, institutions, and academic researchers, as needed.

Legal / Institutional histories
Deep dives into your company or firm and its place in the world.

Current events / News
Serving cold looks at issues of the day.

Academic research
See my publications


JD/LLB, University of Ottawa (2021)

MA, English Literature, University of Ottawa. The Rhetoric of Nature: Marvell and the Longinian Sublime (June 4, 2018)


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Freelance story /content editor – 3D Printing Media Network
Writing news articles on developing issues in the 3D printing / additive manufacturing industry. Pursuing stories for network by conducting interviews and in-depth research.

Research Assistant at University of Ottawa
(May 2020 – Jun 2020)
Researched machine learning and artificial intelligence systems. Prepared research memorandum describing operation of machine learning and other artificial intelligence systems in pubic law context.

Researcher at Emond Harnden, LLP
(Feb 2018 – Apr 2020)
Conducted legal research for lawyers and draft memoranda of law. Reviewed collective agreements and case law in a labour and employment context, with particular focus on aviation sector.

Teaching Assistant at University of Ottawa
(May 2014 – Apr 2020)
Taught grammar and graded undergraduate essays. Assisted students with their papers, including heavy copy-editing.

Internship at the Senate of Canada, Office of Law Clerk and Parliamentary Counsel
(Sept 2019 – Dec 2019)
Conducted legal research regarding parliamentary privileges of the Senate. Reviewed legislation in preparation for re-introduction of bills in Parliament.

President at CUPE 2626
(Mar 2015 – Apr 2017)
Drafted by-laws for approval by union membership and executive committee. Managed ten executives and four employees; negotiated a first collective agreement.

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