Accurate information is key

I conduct research across business, legal, and cultural fields. This work is enhanced by using digital content management to deliver a quality summary report along with the original sources consulted for each project. Clients benefit from insights and the ability to build on existing original data.


My experience in institutional, historical, and legal research make me quick to develop a command of existing knowledge and reduce it to concise, convincing documents.

Sliding scale: Prices are negotiable based on the project’s complexity.

Difficult to price without getting a sense of your project. Some guidelines are appropriate:

$50 / hour.

If project requires travel, reasonable expenses are paid by the client (indexed to National Joint Council rates).

Hourly rate includes a written report and all primary sources, save archival sources.

Combinations of research and writing are priced on a case-by-case basis.

Let’s write something great together!