Legal services

Litigation solicitors

We kick it old school. We are not your lawyer; we only serve as your solicitor in a legal proceeding. We are your general legal counsel and answer all legal questions that you may have regarding a dispute. If your dispute goes to court, we engage and instruct an experienced barrister on your behalf, who appears for you in court and generally conducts the proceeding based on our instructions. 

Organize and strategize

You focus on the big picture while we deal with the nitty-gritty, including collecting and organizing evidence and instructing legal counsel as your agent.  


Legal topics include: constitutional law, administrative/public law, human rights, labour and employment law, the law of contract and statutory interpretation, civil procedure and arbitration.

Business legal topics include: the regulation of transportation, especially aviation; corporate governance; additive manufacturing; and Industry 4.0.

Extra Hands

We work as a team under your direction. If a matter goes to court, we give you more resources by engaging a barrister to review your case and plead it in the courts. You benefit from extra legal professionals looking at your case. 

Base fee

Unless an alternative fee arrangement is made in advance, rates are established for each patron. All rates are exclusive of HST.

Solicitor: $250 / hour.

Researchers and paralegals: $150 / hour.