Research and Writing

Long or short, creative or descriptive, your writing needs are my own. My experience in institutional, historical, and legal research make me quick to develop a command of existing knowledge and reducing it to concise, convincing documents.

Sliding scale: Prices are negotiable based on the project’s complexity.

Difficult to price without getting a sense of your project. Some guidelines are appropriate:


$35 / hour.

If project requires travel, reasonable expenses are paid by the client (indexed to National Joint Council rates).

Hourly rate includes a written report and all primary sources, save archival sources.


0 – 20,000 words: $0.05 / word.

20,001 – 75,000 words: $0.065 / word.

75,001 + words: $0.075 / word.

Combinations of research and writing are priced on a case-by-case basis.


Constructive criticism requires an open mind, hence my promise: conscientious, thorough, and engaged editing. No punches pulled, but they are always delivered with care for authors’ effort.

Sliding scale: Prices are negotiable based on the project’s complexity.

Base price: $0.075 / word.

Short or relatively clean works: $0.06 / word.

The determination of ‘relatively clean’ is at my sole discretion.

Ph.D or Graduate Student?

Check out the academic writing page for quick tips!

Special editing rates apply for students on a case-by-case basis.

Post-Defence formatting

$200 – $400 sliding scale.


$1.00 – $2.00 / audio minute, depending on required turnaround and audio quality.

English only.

Let’s write something great together!