Accurate information, presented well, is key

My publication record speaks for itself. I conduct in-depth research and content creation as a knowledge management practise that spans legal and technical sectors. The products that I offer patrons tie their work and interests together to present an entire view of the patron’s work. This approach to knowledge management builds patrons’ brands, and it better allows patrons to adapt information that they receive and generate to their businesses.

As a legal professional

The approach to knowledge management that I deploy in my general research and writing practise is especially important to legal practise. Law is an interdisciplinary field, but lawyers are often most knowledgeable about their particular areas of practise. I support lawyers and other participants in the legal system by conducting in-depth research on legal issues and on issues adjacent to legal practise.

I do so with critical legal studies in view, i.e., I will adduce historical, socio-economic, and other kinds of evidence when needed to respond to a legal question. This additional service assists practitioners who aim to challenge legislation or government action. It also helps advance judge-made law by contextualizing a legal matter or concept.


My experience with institutional, historical, and legal research make me quick to develop a command of existing knowledge and reduce it to concise, convincing content.

One of my dominant areas of interest is civil and arbitral procedure; I am also well-versed in contract and statutory interpretation. I have a research background in Charter, human rights law, labour, and employment law.

If project requires travel, reasonable expenses are paid by the patron (indexed to National Joint Council rates).

Includes a written compilation of results and all primary sources, save archival sources.

Content creation

Promoting your brand and your product requires the innovative approach that I bring to the table. Content creation is at the leading edge of legal services, and I strive in my research and writing to always sit on this point: I push the envelope where necessary to promote good services and products.

My experience extends across public and private legal fields; I also write about legal education and legal tech with a view to promote efficient, affordable access to justice. I’d love to partner with you to promote these goals.

Please consult my blog for writing samples.

All prices are negotiated on a patron-to-patron basis. Inquire with me using the below tools.

Quality work and excellent value

I’ve been working with Adam for a few weeks and I’m impressed. Adam is an excellent writer and has delivered quality work, been receptive to feedback and has provided excellent value. I’m looking forward to continuing to use his writing skills to further my business.


Jasmine Gavigan


Cost effective, high quality legal research

Adam helped me with researching several issues under Ontario’s Construction Act. His research was comprehensive, accurate and on point. His ability to employ multiple interpretive techniques gave me confidence in his conclusions.

I highly recommend A.P. Strom to other solo practitioners looking for cost effective, high quality legal research.

Robert Ruddock Law

Robert Ruddock

An instrument once used extensively in knowledge management and record keeping: the typewriter.

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