Interdisciplinary research is the basis for broad marketing appeal and innovative problem solving.

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Interdisciplinary research is my calling, and I have a strong background in law and literature (JD, MA)–two fields that are themselves interdisciplinary. The academic work that I’ve done in this regard uses the full range of humanist resources: history, philosophy, languages, and law. I add social sciences and scientific research to fill out my work.

Don’t let my bookish resumé fool you: I am fully equipped to address research problems related to high-tech and the shift to Industry 4.0. I address research questions on 3D printing, artificial intelligence, and aerospace.

MY Mission

I work with businesses, lawyers, and individuals to provide affordable, professional research. Cost-effective, diffuse research capacity is crucial in our global knowledge economy, which is dominated by economies of scale. My mission is (frankly) to disrupt centralized research bureaus by supplying a personal, responsive service that can go into significant depth on issues and legal questions.

My Methods

Interdisciplinary research casts a wide net, and my default method is to generate a global view of problems that cross my desk. A global view implies understanding not only the present manifestation of a problem; it also requires knowledge about the problem’s origins. This approach is particularly suited to developing solutions to corporate problems, problems in public policy, legal issues, and broad marketing campaigns.

I have a range of databases at my disposal, and my situation in Ottawa lets me conduct specialist research in Library and Archives Canada, which is a national repository and an archive. I have, moreover, experience working in archives and conducting historical research more generally. These skills mean that my methods encompass contemporary sources and past knowledge. I am, moreover, transparent in this approach: all documents collected during a research project are delivered to the patron once research is complete.

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