Grouped Aviation Legal Services

a.k.a. GALS

Grouped Aviation Legal Services

GALS provides members with legal advice and representation on an as-needed basis for a low monthly fee. Members benefit from the full range of a.p.strom’s services. 

If one were to share this plane between partners, Grouped Aviation Legal Services would be able to create the partnership agreement.
How Grouped Aviation Legal Services works

All for one and one for all


By contributing to the program, each member makes legal services more affordable for the other while preserving an individuated solicitor-client relationship.

Fees are established based on the complexity of a member’s activities and a risk assessment questionaire. They are charged monthly, with a minimum 12-month commitment, after which time members may leave the program.

Disputes between members

We are big fans of alternative dispute resolution because legal battles are costly and rarely result in clear victories.

A condition of membership in GALS is submission to mediation and/or arbitration for disputes between members. This system is designed to foster rapid, relatively amicable dispute resolution, which helps to keep the aviation community working toward common goals.

Collective action

Although each member is protected from others by solicitor-client privilege, a.p.strom’s view of members’ experiences allows us to propose collective legal and policy action to members. Examples of such action include pushing back against aviation medicine’s abysmal service or addressing members’ concerns regarding aviation standards. We work with organizations like COPA to promote members’ interests.

Obtaining service

We are here for you when you need us. When you have a question or need advice about an aviation matter, send us and e-mail or give us a call. There are no additional fees or surprise charges.

If you decide to litigate, we will represent you unless we deem your lawsuit to be frivolous or vexatious. Your only additional cost will be paying for disbursements.
How much does Grouped Aviation Legal Services cost?

Tailored to different needs

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