Editing and coaching

Careful review consolidates gains

Constructive criticism requires an open mind, hence my promise: conscientious, thorough, and engaged editing. No punches pulled, but they are always delivered with care for authors’ effort.

I provide excruciating attention to textual detail. Accurate editing with quick turnaround times are my specialty. My knowledge across business, legal, and creative fields allows me to let your ideas shine no matter the kind of work.

The comments that you will receive back are always positive, although I can sometimes be blunt. My focus is letting your ideas shine by editing your substantive comment and the more technical elements of your prose.

My work as an editor also involves a significant amount of coaching: my ideal is to work with clients until they don’t need my services. My coaching style involves live review of your work, usually via Zoom. I provide details (sometimes exhaustive) commentary regarding your prose while annotating your document, just as I would when privately editing.

This exercise has, I’ve found, helped writers move their work along. It also helps writers sharpen their point of view without fear of rejection.


Sliding scale: prices are negotiate based on the project’s complexity.

My base price is $0.08 / word.

Coaching: $50 / hour.

Ph.D or Graduate Student?

Check out my academic writing page for quick tips!

Special editing rates apply for students on a case-by-case basis.

Publishing house, journal, or periodical?

  • Experience with CMS as a writer and editor
  • Teaching Modern Languages Association and American Psychological Association styles
  • Familiar with Canadian Guide to Legal Citation
  • Able to quickly adapt to house style guides as needed

Let’s write something great together!