Creating enduring stories for a fast-paced world

Whether as part of background preparation for an advertising or branding campaign or as part of these campaigns themselves, the story a business tells ultimately becomes one with the product.

The twin fields in which I am educated rely on narrative. Law is about creating a story that sticks with people; literature emphasizes creating enduring stories while also analyzing them as cultural products. Both disciplines rely on context to convince people at different levels. There’s the rhetorical legal brand of storytelling. The lawyer needs to obtain ready agreement with her or his logic. Literature instead draws on emotional investment to inspire a reader to change her or his point of view.

My publications weave narratives about institutions and concepts to at once show a full understanding of the subject and to present it in its best light. These are, in the main, academic publications. They go into great depth. This ability to specialize is a strength that I’ve put to use writing for the 3D Printing Media Network and for law firms and businesses.

MY Mission

I work with businesses, lawyers, and individuals to provide fresh takes on products or businesses. Narratives sell the product and build a loyal customer base. Every business should be able to weave such narratives.

A skilled writer will play in that area between thought and emotion. It’s a fun job, and one that implies great responsibility to faithfully represent the writer’s patron. That’s the mission: creating enduring stories on which a patron can build business and with which I can be proud.

My Methods

Engagement with the patron represents the core of my method. The writing process is itself solitary, but it takes a village to put a good piece of work together.

When I’m busy creating content, I’m busy speaking with people, taking those conversations back home, and reading to find inspiration. My method when creating an enduring story matches my research method: I tie patrons’ stories into far broader currents. Don’t worry: the stories remain in view, but they are ennobled with reference to other works or other ideas.

I am, in short, showing readers that the product is not just convincing. It can’t just pique curiosity or seem like a good idea: it’s got to come with inspiration, nostalgia, wonder, or some other powerful feeling.

Lots of advertisers pander to these words, but it is far more difficult to imbue these feelings when creating an enduring narrative. It’s always a challenge, but its worth the trouble.

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