Aviation law

For general aviation and small-to-medium-sized operators.

The area of practise

Reducing costs by providing affordable legal services

Air law is a mishmash of fields, all of which are focused on keeping pilots and their planes in the skies. 

The Canadian Aviation Regulations are one part of the picture, and a.p.strom regularly dives into the CARs. Our experience in this regard pairs with parliamentary experience and knowledge of the regulatory process. We assist patrons with representation to government agencies and civil servants. We also litigate before administrative tribunals and the Federal Court of Canada and the Federal Court of Appeal.

Operators, whether private or commercial, also require assistance with more common property or contract matters. a.p.strom helps with these matters by bringing experience with aircraft ownership, pilot training, and aviation labour and employment issues to bear. We review and help draft all manner of contracts, agreements, and corporate by-laws. a.p.strom also interprets legal instruments–a field particularly useful in insurance disputes. We conduct litigation on these and other matters before provincial tribunals, the Superior Court of Justice, and the Court of Appeal.

Our aviation practice and services have now moved to YYZlaw.

Our Contributions

Aviation sectors that we serve

A typical general aviation cockpit.

We enthusiastically assist pilots, aircraft owners, flying clubs, and aircraft constructors (a.k.a. homebuilders). We are particularly concerned with supporting pilots and other participants in the industry through aviation medicals. We assist with aircraft purchasing and ownership agreements. 

A radial engine-once a standard aviation engine that now requires TLC from an AME.

Keep your AME happy and your AMO in business. We assist with things like maintenance and supply contracts, faulty parts, claims against AMEs or AMOs, and regulatory proceedings. We also help mechanics establish possessory liens for unpaid invoices. Our goal: provide aviation maintenance specialists with certainty in business dealings.

Small-to-medium-size operators sustain and provide crucial aeromedical services to remote communities. We aim to provide a service that responds to these operators’ needs while staying within their means. We help by reviewing and drafting all manner of contracts; assisting with employee and labour relations; providing advice regarding corporate governance; and engaging with the regulator.