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So contradictions of opinions neither offend nor affect me; they merely arouse and exercise me. We flee from correction; we should face it and go to meet it, especially when it comes in the form of discussion, not ex cathedra. At every opposition we do not consider whether it is just, but, right or wrong, how we can get rid of it. Instead of stretching out our arms to it, we stretch out our claws.

Michel de Montaigne, Essays 3.8

Tools for university students

Content & Citation management

Editing citations is already a pain; editing them by hand is cruel and unusual punishment.


Working on academic articles becomes much easier when your computer takes care of citation management.

This free open-source software allows you to build a lifelong digital library that plugs into Microsoft Word or LibreOffice. These plugins insert and manage citations in a range of styles, right on your document.

quick-start guides

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Mobile applications

iOS – Papership

Android – Zoo for Zotero

Paper formatting

A paper’s form is its first impression.

Most of the style guides above have notes on paper formatting.

Grammar guides

Clear prose is essential to academic success, and grammar is the cornerstone to clear prose. Improve your academic writing with these online resources:

READING RECOMMENDATIONS for Foreign-language students

A good writer reads voraciously to improve her or his skill and to take in new styles. Read regularly, and read what you like. Consider also reading periodicals that feature many voices and styles:

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